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The TacoCat Company sends their Token to Mars

“This is truly a first of its kind endeavor and it is so exciting to be the first cryptocurrency token to go on a mission to Mars! We are looking forward to take off and following the rocket on its 8 months, 250-million-mile journey, as well as making history with the TacoCat community,” said CEO Daniel Mijac.

The company is sending a silver plaque, laser-engraved with the TacoCat logo, as well as the seed phrase to an online wallet holding 100 million TacoCat Tokens. The card will also have a message chosen by the TacoCat community, as well as a message from the founders. The TacoCat community is over the moon to be involved in the first-ever interplanetary mission to take a cryptocurrency token into outer space and all the way to Mars!

CCO Radek Lenczowski believes cryptocurrencies need to be pushed to the mainstream to promote adoption, and a physical mission to Mars will spark worldwide attention. “People refer to ‘going to the moon' in the crypto sphere, meaning a parabolic increase in price action. We’re taking this a step further by going beyond the moon, all the way to Mars. We’re making the dream a reality while creating history together with our holders and users.”

TacoCat is making history as the first token in space. TacoCat will live stream the rocket launch and sending the 100 million tokens to the wallet.

Jasper van Ravenzwaaij, Chief Operating Officer and co-Founder of TacoCat, said, “We are in the planning stages of all the different elements that will entail the launching of TacoCat to Mars. The space mission that will deliver this is going to leave Q4 of this year. It’s extremely exciting to be able to come together with our supporters, and take part in a unique, first of its kind event such as this.”

The TacoCat brand is established not just as a token, but a brand at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation. By providing a friendly, mainstream image, with a logo everybody loves and a palindromic name, TacoCat has positioned itself as an accessible face for cryptocurrency. The TacoCat Company use their reach and stature to promote promising tokens with good brand potential, driving their adoption by the Binance Smart Chain community. They share in their growth and leverage their brands to drive additional merchandising products and volume on TacoCat storefronts.

The company has succeeded in implementing strategies to support not only TacoCat holders with the revenue obtained from the newly launched store, but also to deliver a weekly donation to charity. As this revenue grows, TacoCat can begin to expand into other avenues, all while supporting the TacoCat crypto-economy within their unique ecosystem.


TacoCat is a community token and real-world brand that connects merchandising, creatives, and promotions with new and emerging cryptocurrencies. It aims to establish a self-contained ecosystem for exposing a growing community to promising crypto projects, while simultaneously providing an accessible cryptocurrency experience for mainstream audiences. Gaming, music, art, literature, food, sports and education and so much more are possible with the power of a great brand.

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