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Crafting Unforgettable Media for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech firms

How do you stack up to the competition? ​ How is your cancer drug any different from what is out there? Defining your brand’s core messages takes time. Working with pros takes the guesswork! We understand message development, have strong relationships across multiple healthcare communication channels.

Our national, trade and regional media programs deliver for the healthcare sector results make a difference to our small-cap clientele. Enough with "we are way too small or too early". Your company can not afford to be under-the-radar. Don't expect the news to come to you, you need someone driving news - it's a smile and dial game.

Connect with our experts who already know the healthcare media and can drive critical media relationship.​ Our areas of expertise, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, medical IT, bioprocessing, laboratory instrumentation and analysis.


We provide highly effective, well-managed brand building strategies that include pitch/message development, media placement and brand building. We work every day for our clients to obtain high-impact media placements and work our extensive contacts in every newsroom including cable news, talk radio, local newspapers, magazines and online news services. We boast years of relationships with industry trade press who count on us to bring that smaller company prospective in their trend stories.


Thought leadership and byline articles (with your name on them) in print and digital outlets help you and your company stand out as thought leaders. Let the expert writer with hundreds of articles under his belt do the work: you take the credit.​ Our public relations professionals are grounded in science with a strong understanding of medical communications. We translate clinical data, abstracts and scientific papers into valuable differentiated messages for investors.

Expert-written articles (with your byline) in print and digital outlets help your company stand out as innovators and thought leaders. Let JVPRNY turn your clinical data, abstracts, scientific papers, and resident expertise into value-added, provocative messages that decision-makers and investors will want to read.


Social media-adverse? Understood.  You still need to listen to social media conversations happening in your industry, even if you don’t participate. Let our experts work for you!


Our firm can help assist clients to prepare for their time in front of the camera and microphone. After a session, clients will be more comfortable, confident and effective when it comes to shining for your company on camera.

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